Summer 2017


Cam approved Master, 50+ activity points, nobody ever complains (+20)


Cam approved Master, 25+ activity points (+15)


Cam approved Master, 10+ activity points (+10)


Cam approved Master, under 10 activity points (+5)


Cam approved Master, no activity points (-10)


Not cam approved yet (-15)


Jury thinks something wrong here, not trustfull (-50 points)




A Master that has realtime slaves and proved it (+20)


Award for a Master that is special. (+10)

Cam approved by the owner of the site (+10)



How often can I vote ?

you can vote on each single Poll for 1 or more FootKings every second week.


How can get the contact infos of a FootKing?

click on the pic and when the FootKing gave me contact infos its written there.


How can I be a Jury Member?

join the jury yahoo group, and explain why you are worthy  to be in jury

click here to be part of jury

Want to be Footking as well, how that works?

mail a few pics to and will add you for free

and link back to you or contact me skype=footkings

Not happy with my rating, what can I do?

contact me on skype= footkings or yahoo = kingtim20yo

Had bad experience with one of the FootKings, what now?

mail me what was wrong and try what I can do,

but the deals you do personal with a FootKing is your business, just the promoter,

 but if a footking is fraud will remove him from sites.

I have another question!!!

mail me, will answer in less then 24 hours

Follow the arrow please and vote on each poll!!!



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